U.S. Senator Paul Strauss (Shadow Senator, D.C.)
Congressman Glenn Poshard/Poshard for Governor (IL)
Sam Page for Lt. Governor (MO)
Edwin Eisendrath for Governor (IL)
Paul Vallas for Governor (IL)
David Miller for Comptroller (IL)
Bryan Kennedy for Congress (WI – 5)
Mark Schwiebert for Congress – Exploratory (IL -17)

Andy Nuciforo for Congress (MA – 2)
Scott Harper for Congress (IL-13)
Robert Abboud for Congress (IL-16)
Zane Smith for Congress (IL – 10)
Jim Stevenson for Congress (IL – 11)
Lance Pressl for Congress (IL – 8)
Joe McMenamin for Congress (IL-19)
Jotham Stein for Congress (IL-14

State Legislative

Speaker Michael J. Madigan (IL)
State Sen. Joseph Addabbo (NY)
State Sen. David Valesky (NY)
State Senator Darrel Aubertine (NY)
State Sen. Brian Foley (NY)
State Sen. Bill Stachowski (NY)
State Senator Tammy Irons (AL)
State Senator Bill Cunningham (IL)
State Senator Donne Trotter (IL)
State Senator Gary Forby (IL)
State Senator Terry Link (IL)
State Senator Dan Kotowski (IL)
State Senator Daniel Biss (IL)
State Rep. Stacey Evans (GA)
State Rep. Jill Schupp (MO)
State Rep. Sam Page (MO)
State Rep. Rodney Hubbard (MO)
State Rep. David Perryman (OK – via IE)
State Rep. Sue Scherer (IL)
State Rep. Stephanie Kifowit (IL)
State Rep. Sam Yingling (IL)
State Rep. Dan Beiser (IL)
State Rep. Fran Hurley (IL)
State Rep. Rob Martwick (IL)
State Rep. Kathleen Willis (IL)
State Rep. Deb Conroy (IL)
State Rep. Laura Fine (IL)
State Rep. Kate Cloonen (IL)
State Rep. Natalie Manley (IL)
State Rep. Larry Walsh, Jr. (IL)
State Rep. Marty Moylan (IL)
State Rep. Scott Drury (IL)
State Rep. Sarah Feigenholtz (IL)
State Rep. Thomas Holbrook (IL)
State Rep. Toni Berrios (IL)
State Rep. Lisa Hernandez (IL)
State Rep. Camille Lilly (IL)
State Rep. Andre Thapedi (IL)
State Rep. Karen May (IL)
State Rep. Kevin McCarthy (IL)
State Rep. Jack McGuire (IL)
State Rep. Michelle Mussman (IL)
State Rep. Dan Reitz (IL)
State Rep. Patrick Verschoore (IL)
State Rep. Robyn Gabel (IL)

State Rep. Mark Walker (IL)
State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (IL)
State Rep. Keith Farnham (IL)
State Rep. Fred Crespo (IL)
State Rep. Paul Froehlich (IL)
State Rep. Emily McAsey (IL)
State Rep. Jehan Gordon (IL)
State Rep. Gary Hannig (IL)
State Rep. John Bradley (IL)
State Rep. Lisa Dugan (IL)
State Rep. Careen Gordon (IL)
State Rep. Elaine Nekritz (IL)
State Rep. Bob Flider (IL)
State Rep. Mike Smith (IL)
State Rep. Kurt Granberg (IL)
State Rep. Jack Franks (IL)
State Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia (IL)
State Rep. Naomi Jakobsson (IL)
State Rep. Mike Boland (IL)
State Rep. Paul Froehlich (IL)
State Rep. Al Riley (IL)
State Rep. Monique Davis (IL)
State Rep. Arthur Turner (IL)
State Rep. Esther Golar (IL)
State Rep. Deborah Graham (IL)
State Rep. Bill Grunloh (IL)
State Rep. Wyvetter Younge (IL)
State Rep. Ricca Slone (IL)
State Rep. Chuck Jefferson (IL)
State Rep. Rich Bradley (IL)
State Rep. Robin Kelly (IL)
State Rep. Ralph Capparelli (IL)
State Rep. Bob Bugielski (IL)
State Rep. Maggie Crotty (IL)
State Rep. Dan Burke (IL)
State Rep. Mike Zalewski (IL)
State Rep. Carol Sente (IL)
State Rep. Eddie Jackson (IL)
State Rep. Bill Thompson (SD)
Tim Merrick for NY State Senate (NY)
Owen Newcomer for State Assembly (CA)
Terry Crow for State Representative (MO)
Cynthia Kramer for State Representative (MO)
Kenny Burke for State Representative (MO)

County and Municipal

Commissioner Dan Foley (Montgomery Co., OH)
Town Supervisor Mark Lesko (Brookhaven, NY)
Commissioner Michael Carbonargi (MWRD)
Councilman Pat Hogan (Syracuse, NY)
Councilman Connie Kepert (Brookhaven, NY)
Councilman Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld (Brookhaven, NY)
County Legislator Kate Browning (Suffolk Co., NY)
County Legislator Jack Eddington (Suffolk Co., NY)
County Legislator DuWayne Gregory (Suffolk Co., NY)
District Attorney Mitch Morrissey (Denver, CO)
District Attorney Dave Clark (Anderson Co. TN)

Assessor Jim Houlihan (Cook Co., IL)
Supervisor Frank Zuccarelli (Thornton Twp., IL)
Treasurer Fred Bathon (Madison Co., IL)
State’s Attorney Joe Hettel (LaSalle Co. IL)
Recorder of Deeds Gene Moore (Cook County, IL)
Howard Brookins for State’s Attorney (Cook Co., IL)
Bill Gomolinski for County Commissioner (Cook County, IL)
Tom Londrigan for State’s Attorney (Sangamon Co., IL)
Terry Keigher for Sheriff (Kankakee Co., IL)
Darrell Sanders for Sheriff (Will Co, IL)

Mayor Dan McLaughlin (Orland Park, IL)
Mayor Joe Werner (Mokena, IL)
Mayor Doug Scott (Rockford, IL)
Mayor Dan Pierce (Highland Park, IL)
Mayor Pat Gordon (Oak Forest, IL)
Mayor Jo Irmen (Burr Ridge, IL)
Mayor Tom Shaughnessy (Berwyn, IL)
Mayor Chuck Scholz (Quincy, IL)
Mayor Dan Drew (Waukegan, IL)
Mayor Bonnie Strack (Palos Heights., IL)
Joseph Merrill for Mayor (Binghamton, NY)
Steve Powell for Mayor (Mundelein, IL)
Sandy Folaron for Mayor (Milwaukee, WI)
Treasurer Mike Zimmerman (Calumet City, IL)

Mayor Cindy Rosenthal (Norman, OK)
Mayor Tari Renner (Bloomington, IL)
Mayor Ron Serpico (Melrose Park, IL)
Mayor Michelle Qualkinbush (Calumet City, IL)
Clerk Jane Quinlan (Oak Lawn, IL),
Mayor David Gonzalez (Chicago Heights, IL)
Mayor Tom Weisner (Aurora, IL)
Mayor John Spring (Quincy, IL)
Mayor Frank Pasquale (Bellwood, IL)
Mayor Tim Nugent (Manteno, IL)
Mayor Ed Schock (Elgin, IL)
Mayor Tim Davlin (Springfield, IL) (R.I.P.)
Mayor Chuck Oberlie (Michigan City, IN)

Alderman Manny Flores (Chicago, 1st Ward)
Alderman Bob Fioretti (Chicago, 2nd Ward)
Alderman Pat Dowell (Chicago, 3rd Ward)
Alderman Toni Foulkes (Chicago, 15th Ward)
Alderman Matt O’Shea (Chicago, 19th Ward)
Alderman Ginger Rugai (Chicago, 19th Ward)
Alderman Leonard DeVille (Chicago, 21st Ward)
Alderman Mike Zalewski (Chicago, 23rd Ward) 

Chicago Federation of Labor IE on behalf of:
Alderman Proco Joe Moreno (Chicago, 1st Ward)
Alderman Danny Solis (Chicago 25th Ward)
Alderman Jason Ervin (Chicago 28th Ward)
Alderman John Arena (Chicago 45th Ward)
Alderman Joann Thompson (Chicago, 16th Ward)

Councilman Bob Fiesler (Naperville, IL)
Village Trustee Ray Johnson (Oak Park, IL)
Village Trustee Jan Page (Oak Park, IL)
Village Trustee Jon Hale (Oak Park, IL)
Village Trustee John Hedges (Oak Park, IL)
Comm. Cheryl Nelson (St. Louis, MO)
Clerk Jackie Riviera (Thornton Twp., IL)
Highway Commissioner George Miller
(Thornton Township, IL)
Highway Commissioner Christopher Gonzalez
(Thornton Township, IL)

People United for Responsible Education (Naperville School District 203)

B.E.S.T. School Board Slate (Glenview/Northbrook, IL)

Alderman Ted Matlak (Chicago, 32nd Ward)
Alderman Tom Allen (Chicago, 38th Ward)
Alderman Marge Laurino (Chicago, 39th Ward)
Alderman Brendan Reilly (Chicago, 42nd Ward)
Alderman Tom Tunney (Chicago, 44th Ward)
Alderman Gene Schulter (Chicago, 47th Ward)
Committeeman P.J. Cullerton (Chicago, 38th Ward)