Polling is used to develop strategy and message, to provide information on the impact of communication and organizing activities, and to evaluate the campaign’s progress and effectiveness. Polling identifies key strategic needs, targets and focuses organizations on messages that resonate. It brings discipline to the operation and shows you how to use limited resources — money, volunteers, and time — most efficiently. Fako Research & Strategies has been at the forefront of innovation, adapting to changing communication habits with the increasing share of the population that is in cell phone only (CPO) and cell phone mostly (CPM) households. We were among the first firms to begin actively dialing cell phones (in 2004) and continue to innovate our methods and adapt to changing habits, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of our phone surveys.

Common Type of Polls:

  • Benchmark Polls are comprehensive surveys that serve as your campaign’s strategic guide. Benchmark polls evaluate the political environment and dynamics of the campaign or issue debate, and identify key objectives, targets, and the strongest message in support of your position.
  • Tracking Polls are designed to help you maneuver through the final months and weeks of the campaign or issue debate. Tracking polls identify changing dynamics of the debate, evaluate if your objectives are being accomplished, determine if objectives and targets have changed, and identify new issues or messages, providing vital information to the refinement of your strategy and tactics.
  • Fast Track Polls are Fako Research & Strategies unique and newly developed surveys that utilize professional interviewers and a more reliable and accurate methodology than recorded (IVR) polls, particularly for down ballot campaigns. Fast Track polls provide essential data on name favorability and the trial heat of an election / opinion of an issue to make early or late strategic and tactical decisions using the most reliable methodologies at a very low cost.
  • Viability/Vulnerability Polls are preliminary surveys designed to help candidates evaluate a potential race, test opinions of the candidates, and test their own and opponents’ strengths and weakness. They can be used to help a candidate evaluate the viability of a potential campaign, decide if he or she should enter the race, and give focus and discipline to a campaign in its very early stages.