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Fako Research & Strategies (formerly Fako & Associates), founded in 1998 by Dave Fako, is a national public opinion and strategic research firm based in suburban Chicago, Illinois.  What sets us apart from many capable competitors is that we are highly adaptable, flexible, and capable of handling difficult situations in the demanding dynamics of a campaign.  We listen to our clients and work cooperatively with their partners and strategic teams. This leads to higher quality research, stronger team building, and the development of focused and effective plans.  We are committed to conducting accurate polls and developing practical strategic plans that fit our clients’ values and needs, as well as the dynamics of their situation.

We differentiate ourselves from other researchers by developing data-driven strategic plans that fit our client’s needs, the realistic capabilities of the campaign or organization, and the candidates or organization’s values and vision.  Understanding that our research is the foundation for our client’s strategic plans, Fako Research & Strategies is committed to conducting high quality and accurate research, delivering actionable recommendations, and helping clients find the pathway to reach their goals.